About HKT Invest

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to take this opportunity to give you a brief intro of our company HKT-Invest Oy. The name Hämeen Konttoritekniikka (HKT) takes us back to 1979 Hämeenlinna Finland, where the roots of the company were established setup by Mauri Lahdenperä, specialized in office supplies/equipment and pc assembling as well as technical backup/repair.

Together with a group of young entrepreneurs the company grew very fast and expanded to Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia where the company AS Infotark was established also known under the name: ‘Büroomaailm’ translated (Office World), with several superstore chain offices in Baltic states for dealers and consumers. Own brand setup called Nordic Office.

Along the way the demand of consumer electronics and components grew and in 2005 the company went into a new direction with the setup of HKT Invest & Sunlogix Components which main focus lies on the components and complete pc /Laptop range, as official HP partner for renew/remarketing program the company is a keyplayer in the Nordic countries for pc distribution and has also an online webshop for consumers called Sunmarket and Mikromarket.

With an experienced European strategic team the company has the capability of fast and effective volume sales and we see ourselves as a reliable partner with numerous credentials worldwide.

Our positive appearances and well establishment led to several direct key partners to come on board like LG and Samsung next to HP.

In basic terms our keypoints are a mix of consumer online sales, Dealer networking , distribution of all kind of items like electronics, office supplies/furniture, stationary, home appliances and european volume wholesale like HDD Storage, SSD, Processors, Monitors, LED TV’s, LED Bulps, Tablets, PC’s, Smart Phones, Mainboards, Graphics cards, Software, Printers, Consumables, Cables, networking etc.

We think that reliability and long term partnership go hand in hand to go forward in this fast moving market and we hope to differentiate ourselves from others with our philosophy.

Having said that we strongly believe that we are a firm with many possibilities and we make sure that the business will be benefit for all parties involved.

Yours Sincerely,

Mauri Lahdenperä,

Contact us

HKT-Invest Oy
Fiscal address: PL 15 FI-13211 Hämeenlinna
Visiting address: Junttatie 2, Riihimäki
Telephone: +358 (0)757541500
E-mail: Maukka@hkt-invest.fi